Why Preconstruction is Essential

Queens Preconstruction services provides owners with an official overview of project scope, pricing, and turnaround time to finish projects. It is the planning stage before the actual project begins. These services are commonly called precon. It’s a new practice considered as a part of the overall general contracting service which includes planning, coordination, and execution of a project.

Preconstruction includes initial planning and engineering, identifying possible issues, and analyzing cost effectiveness. With precon, owners will be able to determine if the project is feasible or not. It also gives an overview of the entire scope of the project which will make them determine the time, and the amount of money needed to get it done.

Major general contracting companies like GSE Contracting Services offers preconstruction services.

This service involves meeting with the client to discuss objectives, and address any questions and issues they may have.

The benefits of Queens preconstruction:

  1. support base of the cost allocation for the whole project
  2. provides owner enough overview to help them come up with an informed decision
  3. minimize risks for the owner since they have a general review of the entire project

Preconstruction normally takes 2-12 weeks depending on the extent of overview the client demands.

The design and planning stage is paramount to the favorable outcome of the project. During this stage, experts reinforce an exhaustive understanding of all the tasks. They profile a master plan and bring together a strong team or suppliers, contractors, and laborers.

Steps included in preconstruction:

  1. Plan and schedule project development and management.
  2. Come up with site planning to make sure there’ll be no interruption and to avoid accidents on areas where laborers are working
  3. Conduct budget analysis aligning everything to what the client presented for budget allocation
  4. Conduct reviews on probable construction technique
  5. Allocate budget depending on the intervals of workload
  6. Confirm manpower, supplies, materials, and availability of resources

Working with the owner to ensure delivery of successful project that meets the owner’s demands is the very main purpose of preconstruction. People who are more inclined to the details and who wants to ensure nothing else but success of the project, are the ones that would most likely get preconstruction services.

After delivering preconstruction service, general contractors may go ahead and negotiate with the client for actual services on project construction. Once the agreement is made and finalized through contract signing, that’s the time when actual progress on the project starts.